Friday 30 June 2017
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Short movie-BIA

A friendship that can cost you, a love that is blind to reality and loneliness that overcomes even the most spirited attempts to fight it– this forms the story of the characters in the movie Bia that seeks to capture a starkly ferocious and dark context, where the fates have played a cruel game. Past tears, past any hope, the movie captures the struggle of protagonist Bia who faces the grim suburbia and its decay after losing her parents and finding herself deeply in love with heroin addict Mel.

Life is a bittersweet symphony with struggles that lead Bia to dark paths. The movie talks of eviction, no home or ties that bind and no light at the end of a long dark tunnel, as even love turns to despair. Bia finds herself making tough choices, in this second movie adaptation of the book Bar(n) Out of Paolo Verticchio and Valerio Nicolosi. The authors are of the Roman suburbs and capture its dark, edgy feel with a sense of the destruction that awaits Bia with a compelling honesty. The first film, Bar(n) Out duepuntoniente was the debut film where Nicolosi began this powerful narrative.

Accolades in plenty, and critical acclaim have always been a feature of photojournalist and filmmaker Nicolosi’s works. Music videos, films, critical and compelling photo documentaries and books of short stories are just some of the directions his creative urges have taken him. Based in Brussels, Nicolosi is an investigative journalist covering key issues like the US elections, terror attacks, and the Jungle of Calais. This work captures his vision of the ultimate irony facing the protagonist: a quest for love and identity in a world which challenges both.
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