Friday 30 June 2017
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Kwinana Arts Festival

The Kwinana Arts Festival is the brainchild of Trys Reddick, founder and director of  Passionate Lives. Trys is a mental health advocate with a passion to see people, who struggle with Mental Illness recieve the support and gain the awareness they need to live their best life!

The Kwinana Arts Festival is an event that has at its core, the conviction that Mental Health is a topic that needs to be brought out into the open, to lose stigma and be constructively addressed. Through an event that celebrates local engagement in the arts, the importance of mental health can be communicated in a form that embodies creativity, community and healthy expression. Many local talent will be showcased along with stories of hope that will encourage and inspire. We will also be running various workshops in Dance, Music and Film-Making. Come and join us for a FREE fun weekend and get inspired
For more information, please visit Kwinana Arts Festival Campaign page:

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