Monday 27 August 2018
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Handcrafted by the local artisans of Italy, the Sellotto range of faux-lined, ergonomically concaved and ‘8’ shaped bike saddles are a seamless fit on any bike, for more than 140 Kms of unperturbed biking by cyclists of different riding postures. The creator couple Franco-Eleonora, after a lot of research and labor, has designed as many as 15 prototypes of the flexible, trendy bike saddles which are a blend of utility, comfort and balance. The unique shape distributes body weight homogeneously, while there is adequate concavity to reduce pressure on the perineal area.

The global fund raising campaign on Kickstarter with an ultimate aim to generate € 10,000 will foot all expenditure of the first lot of operative production, while every valuable feedback from the backers will be absorbed for improvisation. The saddles have already been acknowledged by Sports experts from the University of Pavia, for their ergonomic design, while the seal of structural certification has been embossed by the prestigious University of Turin. The saddles are available in three variants, namely the Elegant, Comfort and Sporty models with differences in lining, padding and suitability to body postures.

The Sellotto saddles are proud participants of the Eurobike Award 2017 and have been critically assessed by bicycling experts, who have found more reasons than one, to accord the saddles their well-deserving appreciation on criteria of comfort, balance and utility. Contributors of € 1 will be named on the Sellotto website, while various models of saddles will be shipped to contributors starting with a pledge of € 29 onwards. An assortment of 25 trendy Sellottos awaits a pledge of € 990 or more.
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