Monday 27 August 2018
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HIRED Project

300,000 homes completely damaged, millions of people (including children under 5) acutely affected, and more than 1000 people dead– that is what the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti is. But now HIRED or Humanitarian Interaction for Relief and Sustainable Development has made a difference, offering relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction of homes and education for the children. Most of all practical aspects like water purification are in place to keep the cholera outbreak from impacting the populace.

Clean, drinking water has become a luxury for Haiti. HIRED wants to change this and they need your help to make it happen. Working to offer relief to 500 children, many of whom are below 5 facing health hazards and acute suffering, and to the thousands of adults plagued by economic insecurity and disaster’s aftermath in the form of acute suffering , the work done by HIRED is crucial to the survival of Haiti. It makes a big difference to Haitians to have their needs met following the twin tragedies of the massive earthquake followed by a deadly hurricane. Prone to natural disasters, the principality of Haiti and its people need your support at this crucial time. Reach out to HIRED and make a difference.
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