Monday 27 August 2018
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Ultimate Troll Episode 2: Steampunk Tycoon

Artist, designer, animator and lecturer – Damien Schneider has pooled his talents into the ultimate card game of trollish thievery. As creator of Ultimate Troll Episode 2: Steampunk Tycoon, Damien has stomped in and pulverized the gentlemanly decorum of card-play, with a hilarious romp of stealing loot from others and hoarding it for yourself! This trollish adventure for 2-4 players is filled with runts, traps, loots and trolls in an epic, steampowered throw down of fun-filled awesomeness.

This satirical, spelunking adventure is the perfect excuse to stop playing nice and let your claws (and glowing, yellow eyes) show. The Ultimate Troll saga is now in its second episode after the successful launch of Episode 1: Dawn of the Voyaging Troller, earlier this year (also available through the current Kickstarter campaign). Damien’s team at Slinky Gibbon Games has set out once again to prove that this small-boxed card game packs a troll-sized punch in both humor and game play. Check out the crowdfunding campaign for this conniving and crafty card game on Kickstarter and help give Ultimate Troll a leg up into the realm of tabletop gaming.
Have a look at the KICKSTARTER link below:

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