Monday 27 August 2018
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We Are All One

When Evelyn Kanepi, an Estonian musician and mother of three realized that music could heal, she was motivated to bring her new solo album to a worldwide audience. “We Are All One” is a collaboration with world musicians and global artists to bring the sounds of love, uniqueness and oneness to life. Comprising 10 beautiful Irish celtic pieces and 3 amazing classical Hindi Pop numbers, this collection of 13 beautiful musical compositions is set to be launched soon. Extend your support for this amazing project on crowdfunding campaign platform Indiegogo, where Evelyn and her team are holding a funding appeal. Evelyn has always been passionate about singing and now the aim is to spread the message of love, unity and awareness worldwide. With transformation through cooperation and awakening, musical collaborations like Evelyn’s are powerful in their impact. Help Evelyn and her team of musical collaborators to breathe life into this love-filled and inspiring musical album.
Have a look at the below link:

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