Monday 27 August 2018
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Erik Friedlander’s Artemisia

From the haunting strains of Artemisia inspired by Pablo Picasso’s fascination with absinthe, the mind-bending hallucinogen that sparked a thousand revelations, Erik Friedlander and his band “Throw A Glass”, are crafting the perfect album for listeners. To add the finishing touch to this inspiring and euphoria raising album, an artistic vinyl box set is on Erik’s mind. To finance the vinyl box set which will house the album, he is seeking US $7500 in funds on Indiegogo. This is what makes for an amazing experience for music listeners who get to savor the album and store it in this distinctive box.

So, help Erik fulfill his mission for making the perfect box set for the perfect album. The deluxe box set will house 3 ten-inch LPs and a booklet in a slick slipcase box which has a unique aesthetic appeal. Chip in today and ensure this distinctive vintage deluxe vinyl box set becomes the perfect receptacle for a truly amazing album and a real treat for music lovers.
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