Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Please Help Us Save Our School

Help us buy a land and a house to keep our school open for the poor kids of our local community

My sister and I have a school where we try to offer good education to poor kids of our neighborhood. Now, the owner of the place that we rent wants us to leave. This has happened already twice since 2013. This time we may have to close the school unless we buy a land and a house. But we cannot afford them. That is why we call on you to assist us. Please, help us buy a land and a house so we can keep the school open for the poor kids of our local community. Thank you so much for your support.

Les Roitelets” is a school based in Antananarivo, Madagascar, in a district named Analamahitsy. Created in 1995, it has now a record of more than 1,400 schoolchildren.

My mother said that educating is like building a house. You need to make sure the base is strong enough for the walls raised to be strong as well. It is our motto.” The school wants to give access to good education to everyone; especially children from low-income households.

Now, the existence of the school is endangered. The landlord wants us to leave. We have tried to look for another place to rent without success. Meanwhile, we have found a place for sale. We now realize that this is the only solution we have. Unfortunately, we cannot afford it.

The school’s survival is very important for the neighborhood. Besides, we cannot give up on our late mother’s dream and good work.
About Project Creator:

Lalatiana RAHARINIAINA is a woman based in Madagascar. She has been teaching since 1998 at “Les Roitelets” school. She has started helping her mother in managing the School from 2002. When her mother passed away it was obvious to her to keep the school alive. Her sister joined her.

“Education is for me more than a job it is a passion. I am aware that I play an important role in the future lives of these children who will become the next leaders of the country.”

“Like any other jobs, teaching is not easy but when you do it with passion especially when you feel that you have a great mission to accomplish, nothing can distract you from your goals.”

Lalatiana RAHARINIAINA has always dreamt of being a teacher. A teacher who is able to share knowledge and to help the children to achieve the best they can do: this is her ideal image of what any teacher should be. Above all, she wants to pursue her mother’s sacred mission: to give access to Education to children from low income families.
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