Wednesday 21 December 2016
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LifePrint - Print Photos That Come To Life In Your Hands

Print Apple Live Photos, Vines, GIFs, and more with this Augmented Reality photo AND video printer! For IOS, Android, and GoPro


LifePrint is a portable photo printer and app that uses ZINK® Technology to introduce the world to augmented reality photos. LifePrint’s photo printer and mobile app lets users easily print photos from any social media via their smartphone and then uses augmented reality to bring those photos to life.

LifePrint is capable of printing and sharing images from GoPro cameras, Apple Live Photos, Vine videos, Instagram, YouTube and more, bringing printed imagery to life similar to whats seen in the Harry Potter films.


LifePrint exists to let you easily print and share your photos. To give you a chance to hold your memories in your hands again. To recapture some of that nostalgic magic we rarely get to experience in this highly digital, disposable age. 

Hyperphotos - Printed Photos with Augmented Reality

We also call this Harry Potter mode. Our unique augmented reality Hyperphoto(TM) technology makes your photos come to life by secretly embedding a video into any printed photo. Magical.

LifePrint makes it super easy to for you to print your photos and videos and share them with the people you care about. Then we make those photos come to life with augmented reality!

Print Augmented Reality Hyperphotos in 3 Easy Steps!

  • LifePrint App Screen Shots Showing Access to Videos and Photos from All Your Social Media Apps
  • LifePrint is A Social Network of Printers

  • LifePrint is a Beautifully Designed Wireless Portable Printer

  • Portable Enough To Fit in Your Pocket

  • World’s First Apple Live Photos Printer

  • World’s Only GoPro Printer

  • The Perfect Instagram Printer


About Project Creator:

Robert Macauley is the founder of LifePrint. Entrepreneur, iPhone photographer, and lover of people and life. He’s developed and managed several successful product launches at Belkin International and other CE companies. On weekends can be found reading fantasy novels in his awesome Sasquatch monster slippers. LifePrint was born out of a desire for something real. More photographs are being taken today than at any point in human history, and yet something is missing. The sheer amount of digital photos have in some way marginalized and degraded the value of those very special moments we want to capture. We exist to give you the opportunity to hold that magic in your hands again.

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