Friday 30 June 2017
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Giant Geo-Circle Mural

Hello, my name is Samuel. Come help me create another Mural like this one and get an exclusive print of the finished design!

This project is about creating another massive Geo-Circle mural, (Geo-Circle is short for Geometric Circle. In return you’ll be able to get a Giclee Print of the finished piece!

These prints are strictly exclusive to this project on Kickstarter, so once the project is over it’ll be too late to get one!

The first Geo-Circle mural I did, which you can see in the main photo, is about 1.5 metres square in size. At times I had to take a break because my arm would get so sore from holding it up to draw, especially if I was drawing above my head. It was very satisfying though, seeing such a large scale drawing progress to the point of completion. It’s still the biggest drawing I’ve ever done! This new one will be just as big or even bigger! It will be round in shape, with more detail included.

The time-lapse video I shot of the process, is still something that my followers find interesting to watch. If this project is fully funded, I will first be filming the process of designing the Geo-Circle on paper. Once that is complete I will use that to recreate the design on the wall, on a much larger scale! I will be filming that process as well as it’s the main project!

The paper version is what the prints will be made from, as it will be slightly more detailed, and I want your prints to be as detailed as possible! Then I will be trying to re-create the mural as accurately as I can. This way it will be as if your print is from the version on the wall!

If the funding goal is met it will also allow me to buy some studio lighting equipment to help brighten the space where I will be drawing. This will improve the quality of the time-lapse videos.

Here’s what will happen..

  • Preparing the wall
  • Stocking up on Equipment
  • Designing the Geo-Circle
  • Having Prints Made
  • The Mural

If you want to support this project, you can do so by donating on their Kickstarter page:

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