Friday 30 June 2017
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Edge Watch Company

A different design that works! No more crown marks! You won’t believe how comfortable this watch is!

The Edge Watch Company - Inspired by function, Designed for comfort.

“…The Edge, a pleasantly priced, and creative watch, that pushes affordable watch design into a new dimension.”

“I want a lightweight watch that would sit comfortably and flat on my wrist without leaving marks. So, I designed the EDGE.”

- Brandon Hnedak, Owner of The Edge Watch Company


People love watches. They’re fashionable as well as functional. And a great way to express your personality. But what people don’t love is the way they dig into your hand when your wrist is bent.

So I set out to design a watch that wouldn’t irritate your hand, but was still stylish and unique. The result, is the Edge.


If you want to support this project, you can do so by donating on their Kickstarter page:

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