Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Those with a keen eye for military history may recall the Queensland Citizen’s (volunteer) Bushmen, of the Boer War period.

We are a hybrid, community based, ‘Army Cadet’ Unit, like no other. A bit like the Army Reserve, with added adventure training and bushcraft, tailored for youth.

Real Activity Based Learning in an outdoor environment. Challenge beyond the normal ‘comfort zone’. Youth encouraged and treated respectfully, as young adults.

We develop and maintain our physical fitness, parade drill, patrol and navigate tactically, live off the land, become marksman, competent first aiders, learn about the Army and our military history. We march as proud Australians on days of national and community importance, and engage in community service.

Our activities are planned as a collaborative partnership with parents and the Cadet Bushman.

Cadet Bushmen develop resilience, confidence, planning and leadership skills for life.

We follow a strong Army ethos, structure and curricula. We live the Australian Army’s Values:

Courage – do what is right always and face challenges head on.
Initiative – think for ourselves and seize opportunities.
Respect – no discrimination and a fair go for all.
Teamwork – work together for success.
We parade and train near WOODHILL, QLD every fortnight, with a 4-10 day encampment every school holidays.

Our Adult Staff (‘Cadre’) are mature parents with military or police backgrounds, encouraging attitudes and child protection agency clearances.

I am the Officer Commanding. I am a mature and serving Army Officer, parent of teenagers and have youth leadership/mentoring experience.

The QCB will be structured as an incorporated and insured association under Queensland law.

We are looking into insurance which we expect will cost around $3 K pa (ouch!).

To uniform a Bushman costs around $200.

To kit the Bushman with packs etc, costs around an additional $300 each.

Our operating costs are intentionally austere, to develop a sense of economy and ‘make do’ in today’s ‘I want it now’ generation.

We want for little else, other than some air rifles, a few tarps, some star pickets, fencing wire and 44 gal drums!

At present funding falls directly to parents – $500 per child to kit out, is a big ask, in current times.

All going well, this and other potential fundraising may kit out our Bushmen and provide part subsidies for adventure training activities provided by ‘professionals’ (eg white water rafting, abseiling, rock climbing, large bore rifle shooting etc).

Please email us at (note ‘men’ NOT ‘man’) if you would like further information.

The QCB is not a part of the ADF cadets.

Thanks for considering; we would be most grateful for any support.


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