Thursday 29 June 2017
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Thasso is a new generation social patient network, an app that contributes to glocalized promotion of social networks in theragenomic and personalized medicine and individualized drug safety and so much more than existing healthcare systems that have a limited vision and applications. thasso will translate into an app that expands into additional language versions to make it available worldwide, transcending language and local access possibilities. Dr. Joseph Gut, the Swiss founder, CEO and medical entrepreneur who has shaped this new initiative seeks to ensure participative medicine. thasso provides access to sharing personal and professional data for each patient worldwide. Different parts of thasso provide unique services for meeting various healthcare needs. thasso social provides a glocalized social network where users can connect, develop lasting bonds and socially interact to gain a deeper understanding of how to cope and attain collective wisdom of communities.

thasso services permit users to access updated knowledge on theragenomics and drug linked adverse and side effects as well as interactions. thasso academy adds a space for groups and individuals to place instructive or promotional contact regarding the drug, its mode of action, clinical action and therapies. thasso post provides readers the latest information in the context of theragenomic / personalized medicine and drug safety as well. Drawing from his insights on the variability of human individuals in response to drug treatment, fatal adverse reactions being the foremost, Dr. Gut has worked out the predispositions that benefit from medicine based on their inherited traits leading to a new field called theragenomic/personalized medicine or precision medicine.
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