Friday 30 June 2017
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Baza Ulmu Needs a Classroom *

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Baza Ulmu is an interesting permaculture design school where individuals from all around the globe come and learn natural building, no till cultivating, and a great deal more following the key permaculture design principles. They give you the correct instruments and necessary aptitudes to make your projects sustainable as well as building an eco-house with all neccessary facilities in order to enhance the personal satisfaction for you and your family. Baza Ulmu was created to inspire people of all ages.

Over the years the members have studied ecological architecture and permaculture design in order to bring you the best quality education in agroecology and natural construction. Baza Ulmu brings in designers and architects as well as eco-builders for courses to teach people how to start their own projects, build their houses or grow their food in a sustainable way.

This crowd funding campaign will help create the right learning conditions for people of all ages and will give an example for other educational projects. In order to achieve their goals, the company needs to build a classroom for the courses, develop the glamping resort for good accommodations, make a communal kitchen and dining space and build shower facilities. This would make it fit for an educational trip and a summer retreat vacation. With $20,000 USD the company could fund the entire project plus off the grid electricity and the ability to invest in a business that can generate the income so that they can become financially independent. The people involved want to dedicate their full-time to this project that can go on for decades.
For more information, please visit Baza Ulmu Campaign page:

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