Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Cremisi: Issue 1

The 52 page first issue in a space-western following the drunken misadventures of spaceship Captain Shay and his virtual sidekick.

We’re here to make a badass space-western comic that’ll take you into a massive universe filled with awesomeness.

Cremisi is a manga-inspired space-western comic utilizing black, white, and crimson coloring to create a unique visual experience for mature audiences. Set in the distant future, the story follows spaceship Captain Shay as he traverses the universe and uncovers the truth behind the Cremisi Incident.

The universe of CREMISI is as emotionally rough as it is visually smooth. I wanted to create characters with flaws and imperfections, that are all in some way damaged. Characters that, while may or may not be essentially good, behave in ways which blur the line between what we understand as right and wrong.


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