Friday 30 June 2017
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FREE Launch Tour

An ambitious project to establish UK’s first national network of 53 addiction management centres to provide aid to addicts, the Free Launch Tour 2017 seeks to revolutionize healthcare. Providing help for alcoholism and other addictions, Doctor Richard Mackarness Foundation, which has conceived this project, is aiming to help people combat drink and other addictions not only in the UK, but also the EU, the US and Canada. Motivated by the will to change the lives of addicts including heavy drinkers and smokers, the launch tour publicly demonstrates what addiction management is about and how it can help.

For the Free Launch Tour, 2017 two regions of UK will be toured to publicly demonstrate the tremendous potential of addiction management. The trans-Pennine region’s 15 locations will be covered including north Cheshire, North, South and West Yorkshire and Lancashire. In the south-east, 5 location are being visited in East and West Sussex. At every location, a one day clinic will be run providing addiction management services for alcohol free of charge for 10 persons, amounting to a total of 200 persons.

A free, one day clinic costs £1,000. A total of 20 of these are planned. This unique approach to addiction management which offers a half way house to recovering addicts aims to halve the damage to their health by limiting their drink/smoke or other addictions. But the Doctor Richard Mackarness Foundation goes beyond just halving the damage, it can do much more than that. To make this tool available to every addict, the Doctor Richard Mackarness Foundation embarks on the Free Launch Tour 2017 this spring.
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