Friday 30 June 2017
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A Perfect Foundation

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A Perfect Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization created to empower local communities in remote surf regions through education and skill acquisition to make a sustainable difference.  Established by The Perfect Wave Surf Experience, the organization wants to be able to give back to the island communities that have allowed them and their clients to enjoy their natural resources and homelands.

Through coordinated effort and direct support the organization is dedicated in helping any way they can with the wants and needs of the local communities, while gaining valuable insight from them at the same time.  A Perfect Foundation supports multiple programs through initiatives and fundraising for other established charities in these regions as well as their own community based Collaboration Centre in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia. This way the organization is able to make a direct difference where and when it is needed through hygiene, clean water, education, skill acquisition and environmental programs.

We need your support to raise funding for a much needed new Education and Conservation Center, as well as create a sustainable waste management and recycling program for the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia! We have outgrown our current school building due to our growing enrollments, so we need to look at building a new school ASAP! All funds raised will assist us in building a bigger school to accommodate our students, as well as developing a sustainable waste management system and recycling program for the local communities. This new Environmental Program with the backing of the local Government and communities on Tua Pajet, will involve collecting the rubbish, sorting and shipping back to Padang for recycling.
If you want to support this project, you can do so by donating on their Pozible page:

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