Friday 30 June 2017
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A fitness studio with a focus on education for sustainable health that showcases a communal kitchen!

Soturi Fitness and Nutrition is a fitness studio with a simple concept - integrating physical fitness, mindfulness, and nutrition, we aim to make a big impact in the community, especially in teaching the importance of exercise and nutrition to today’s youth. We are in the processing of securing a SBA loan but are seeking additional funding to help build this ultimate health community.

Sway Soturi has been a personal trainer and group fitness coach since 2014. Her passion for fitness began after the birth of her son, Lucious. Her excitement for sharing this passion with others, coupled with a desire for knowledge in health and fitness has grown stronger each day. Sway wants to create an impact in the community. She wants to show people that they can be healthy and gain results through simple practices.

Damian Mark has been a professional chef in private restaurants, country clubs, and hotels for the last 18 years. He has worked all over the United States and spent time in Europe honing his craft. He loves food, is passionate about of cooking, and most of all he loves to teach.

Soturi Fitness and Nutrition, LLC will be a community within a community — a place to practice physical fitness, nutrition and mindful health, in California’s Silicon Valley. Creating this facility means we can work with more people to create a larger impact on health in the community. The Soturi Fitness and Nutrition studio will provide a comprehensive wellness experience, without fad diets or fad workout plans. We will offer a variety of fitness classes and health related workshops because we trust in the power of continuing education. Our coaches and fellow members will provide accountability and encouragement for each other.

We believe it’s never too late to set foundations for a healthy lifestyle but we also believe it’s easier when you start early so we encourage whole family participation in this journey.

Below is a rough sketch of our functional movement layout:

How we are different than other gyms!

  • Under we emphasize….
    • Members are encouraged to use this space before and after their workouts (or anytime) to prepare healthy food.
    • Scheduled cooking workshops to teach the community how to shop, prep, and cook healthy meals efficiently.
    • Community cooking and dinner events (including food drive and volunteering events).
  • We see our members as individuals. Since no two people are the same, we aim to help people reach their goals in ways that are suitable to their lifestyle.
  • We understand and emphasize the importance of a balanced lifestyle -
    • We encourage members to take a variety of classes, the yin and the yang.
    • We don’t neglect recovery - including healthy eating and rest.
    • We partner with a world-renowned nutrition coaching program powered by Precision Nutrition.
    • That doesn’t mean we don’t have fun! We still love ice cream and chocolates; we just enjoy them more mindfully and in moderation.

Below is our class schedule for when we open:

  • We are actively involved with community programs, such as non-profits and schools. 
  • FunHouse Kids -
    • A kids care program to genuinely engage your child with structured classes so they can share the love of a healthy life.
    • Schedules will include -
      • STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)
      • Cooking
      • FunFood Factor
      • Arts and crafts
      • Dance
      • Kids fitness
      • Kids obstacle course

If you want to support this project, you can do so by contribute on their Indiegogo page:

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