Monday 4 April 2016
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98 Chords and Scales for the Songwriters

All the different kinds of guitar chords that sound good together arranged by key.

My niece and her musician friends are making promo videos for me this weekend and maybe this for a background story would help.. It’s on the kick site but kinda hard to find….I am an Rn that plays guitar in the evening to relax. I am a casual player of 40 years…I am no Stevie Ray Vaughn but i can hold my own in band but mostly I like to play finger style jazz at home in the evening after a long day at work for an audience of girlfriend.  I am sharing my method of playing, just in a more formal way via the posters.

I started playing guitar in high school jazz band and we were very good. We played all over Texas for competitions and we won most of them and we played for many paid events. My biggest audience was for 3000 screaming teenagers where we won first place in a multi state music never know when your big moment is going to arrive but when it does and you kill it and you hear the roar of the crowd its beautiful…and then its gone…but 35 years later I can still hear us playing and I can still hear the crowd……it has never gone away. Anyway that is where I learned about music and where I learned music theory.. so fast forward to adulthood.. I continued to play off and on over the years depending on my ability to find the time. I would get rusty but it didn’t take long to wake up the fingers…  I would sit down with my guitar pro chord generator and print up the 45 different kinds of chords you can play in key then just start jamming. Thats what these posters really are… just a fancy print out of the my chord sheets. But now they look really good and I know they will be really helpful to all the songwriters out there that are trying to write good songs but are missing the information they need to find the lost chords that they can hear in their head but can not find using their hands… its very frustrating. Believe I know thats why I developed this system of playing.

About the Posters, they were designed by niece and nephew-in-law as a gift to me for helping them during their college years. They have mad computer skills…They developed the design template and I provided the chord diagrams. We worked together to get all the chords and scales and modes on the poster. I could not hope to design something so creatively beautiful but they do it all the time.


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