Friday 30 June 2017
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DOGZ: The Dog-Lover’s Collection of Games

DOGZ is a gathering of 191 DOG breed data cards and more than 20 Games that can be played with the cards. Ages 7 to Adult 2 - 8 Payers (both rely on upon the GAME being played) In the event that you as of now have Game Nights or in the event that you require something NEW to do with your loved ones - DOGZ is it! When you think you have played all the INCLUDED games…go online - we have more!

The FIRST appreciation for DOGZ is the card DESIGN. Each DOG breed card (191 of them!!!) has the name, picture, and an abundance of GAME PLAY data. GAME PLAY properties are additionally found on the back of the cards. For DOG BREED data alone, the DOGZ gathering of cards is definitely WORTH the cost.

The SECOND fascination is the accumulation of GAMES that have been made to be played with these cards. They are FUN! Like the game, KENNEL where you are attempting to play at least 3 cards that have a similar GROUP classification (Toy, Terrier, Herding, Working, Sporting, or Non- Sporting) AND either a similar number or an arrangement of numbers. Play these or play on cards that are as of now played or even re-orchestrate the played cards with the goal that you can play a greater amount of your cards!
For more information, please visit DOGZ Campaign page:

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