Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Help Us Save The Planet

Replacing old fossil fuel vehicles with electric units to help remove 1,000’s of tons of pollutants.

E3 Manufacturing LLC has an opportunity for you. We are on a mission to replace and old gas design, single purpose transportation vehicle, with a new 21st century technology electric vehicle. This vehicle is not only a big polluter but drinks fossil fuel by the gallons. We have designed a new and improved chassis platform with an all-electric drive train version with zero emissions and no fossil fuel required.

By helping us replace the old gas units we will be saving 10’s of 1,000’s of tons of pollutants per year for a “Cleaner & Safer Environment”. Not counting better air to breath. Also, we will be slowing down the need for fossil fuel while drastically slowing down the dangerous buildup of “Green House Gasses”.

Market potential for this and similar vehicles (future rendition expanding its purpose) is in excess of 10,000 units in the first three years in our US domestic market and expanding to 10,000 units per year on an international market basis.

Our customers who have witnessed the proof of concept vehicle in action have energetically endorsed the project and given us verbal orders based on production ready demo vehicle demonstrations. (Video Coming Soon) We expect, based on existing customer surveys and current gas vehicle market share, to build a business with $100MM per year revenue stream within five years.We also forecast cash-flow positive numbers in 3.5 to 5 years.

Your donations in our company will take us from our current proof of concept vehicle, to building several manufacture ready prototypes. Once approved buy or existing customer base, we will use these funds to move into high volume manufacturing, new concept R&D and next generation platforms to serve other duties and markets with the same electric drive technology.

You can become personally involved with our progress reports, photos, videos and website updates as the company moves forward and our product is introduced into the market. Come and be part of our movement….saving the planet and reducing the need for fossil fuels by this existing 20 year old market and vehicles.

We are on a mission, and welcome your participation to take the next big leap from our current proof of concept vehicle to reality and solving a problem. 

For questions or comments write: or go on to our website

What you will receive for helping us build our all electric replacement fleet vehicle. Photos and white papers not including the satisfaction that you helped us save the planet for you and your kids. Since we all live on this large planet we all need to do our share to “Help Save The Planet” Thanks you for all of your donations. If you can’t donate, don’t worry about it. To do your part let your friends and family members know about our “Help Save the Planet Campaign”

About Project Creator:

Dan Christy

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Dan Christy started his career in the automotive industry in 1995 through 2001 with Ford Lincoln Mercury. Then he was persuaded to come on board with Daimler Chrysler where he was introduced to the all electric Global Electric Motor Cars. He has now been in the electric car and truck business ever since.

He now is the President of E3 Manufacturing LLC. The company now is manufacturing prototype electric replacement vehicles for the old fossil fuel vehicles.
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