Thursday 29 June 2017
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Interactive Streaming

Interactive streaming platforms like Hulu and Facetime can’t hold a candle to Sonder Blu, the new, eclectic streaming platform using Big Data and VR technology to bring indie movies and people together. When actress Hope Cochran experienced being typecast, she realized she was not alone. In their journey for more life-like and representative voices in contemporary cinema are men, women and members of the LGBTQI community.

Multiculturalism and a chance to interact deeply across the interactive movie streaming platform, Sonder Blu is a unique creation that harnesses technology and innovation to capture the intangible human spirit. Now, experience the joy of crossing continents virtually and watching movies with friends, like-minded spirits, and family members (including military men and women out on active duty)!

Reach out to people across the world through the medium of indie films, award winning productions and interactive communities that use 3-D to bring reality closer and into your home. Giving voices not shared a chance to be heard is the guiding mission of Sonder Blu. Bringing a new dimension to interactive streaming communities and social networking, Sonder Blu gives your voice a chance to be heard too.
Have a look at the Indiegogo link below for more information:

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