Friday 30 June 2017
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CURRENT Habit Cards

Current Habit Cards is a unique endeavor that seeks to understand the most remarkable machine known to man– the human body! Made with elements that are not replicable, the human body is a tool for higher consciousness, growth and evolution. But inventor Kaspars Skuja from Latvia feels an eternal sense of wonderment that humans who have invented sophisticated computers fail to understand the mechanisms of their own body and how to optimize these!

To solve the problem, and document his journey as a sentient individual with a consciousness to evolve, and grow through powerful habit systems that bring about positivity in body, mind and attitude, Kaspars has invented the Habit Cards, a set of 63 by 88m 48 units that are to be printed in Riga, Latvia, for which he seeks crowdfunding.

What makes these cards unique is that they will be available in Digital PDF or paper formats to change habits that could last a lifetime. Setting the ground for a new, healthier self, these cards are a testimony to the discipline and initiative of a life expert who sees health through a multi-dimensional prism, creating new levels of mental awareness, endurance, consciousness and evolution. Each card carries a life changing habit along with its benefits and payoffs, serving as a powerful motivational tool to help you change your life for positive outcomes. Rewire your life and break away from the scripts using these empowering cards!
Have a look at the Indiegogo link below for more information:

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