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Thermidor - A Tactical Japanese RPG by Hyperdevbox

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Thermidor is a multi-platform (mobile, Win, Mac, Linux), state of the art 3D Tactical Japanese RPG with a unique gameplay system that combines the best of classic JRPG games, whilst borrowing elements from other game genres.

Thermidor takes place in the unique and fascinating world of 18th century Paris, at the dawn of the French Revolution, and portrays the life and adventures of two main characters - Léandre and Armandine, in an intense and immersive story.

The Story

The year is 1789 and the world is on the brink of revolution. The age of enlightenment has dawned and the old world is slowly being swept away. To the west, Britain’s great colonies have thrown off the shackles of the old world. The systematic inequality between the aristocracy and the common has been placed under scrutiny.

France is teetering on the edge of chaos. Ruled by ignorant rulers, ill suited for the task of saving a dying country. King Louis XVI inherited a heavy debt from his grandfather. He and his wife, Marie Antoinette have only made an already dire situation worse and the common folk have been the only ones to suffer. After years of oppression, the third estate has finally begun to awake.

The decadent, self indulgent aristocracy has had their boots on the neck of the common man for too long and they are about to strike back.

Léandre is one of many young people being dragged into the emerging era. The only son of a family of tavern owners, he grew up under the heel of the aristocracy, watching his parents being robbed of their hard earned money and constantly plagued by hardship while the people of the first and second estates lived a life of luxury. But are all those who were born to privilege as heartless as those he’s come to know?

Almost the way he’ll encounter many challenges, meet a variety of fascinating people, both rich and poor. His quest, after the mother’s most precious ring is taken by a corrupt clergyman, Léandre willingly defies the law and generations of tradition to fight back. Will lead him deep into a world of lies, rivalries, and intrigue. Scraping off the surface to reveal the truly ugly underbelly beneath the corrupt French court and the coming storm. A world where not everyone is honest, not every hero is good, and Not every villain is evil.

Léandre will learn that even the best of people can have the darkest of pasts and that the most sinful of men can be the most innocent of all. After an un-expected encounter with one beautiful and enchanted lady by the name of Armandine, the two, along with others, will defy age old traditions, put their fighting skills to the test, and venture deep into the turmoil of the dawn of the Revolution.

Armandine Desiree is eighteen years of age, and is the only child of an influential aristocratic family in the French court. She grew up with everything, money, privilege, a big home and many servants to attend to her every wish. She had the best tutors money could buy and is gifted with great talent. Always striving to be the perfect lady, she succeeds in almost every way. Beneath her gentle grace, lies the heart of a fighter. She fell in love with the art of fencing as a young child, and spends every moment developing her skills in secret so that no one would discover her passion.

Leonce (Leandre’s father) Leonce is a commoner and co-owner of the family tavern. He is forty-two. Leonce was the son of a soldier who served in the French army. His father always went off on some new assignment. He would be gone for months at a time, but when he returned, he always returned with stories of great battles from faraway lands, and about heroes and villains.

Marie (Leandre’s mother) Marie is a commoner and co-owner of the family tavern. She is forty years old. Marie grew up in a small home with many brothers and sisters. They all grew up working in the same tavern that she and her husband currently run. Unfortunately the tavern fell on hard times and her parents were forced to sell a number of their children to help support the rest of their family.

Mr Camille de la Marne (Armandine’s father) a noble French aristocrat, now in his middle to late fifties, and a staunch traditionalist. He is a highly influential noble in Paris. His most notable contribution at the start of the game is his friendship/alliance with Abbot Gregoire Ouvirard who is the head of a local monastery. Camille wants his daughter to marry an aristo-crat, not for power, but to protect her from the harsh lesson he learned many years ago, when he was a young boy and ran away from his father’s estate.

Mme Emerance de la Marne (Armandine’s mother) A noble aristocratic woman who is 49 years old at the beginning of the story. She is a devoted romantic. She is one of the few people who knows her husband’s true intentions toward the common people. She knows why he helps them and why he wants their daughter to marry another aristocrat, but no matter how much she tries, she cannot bring herself to agree with marrying their daughter off like that. Emerance grew up as the youngest of three sisters. She got to watch their eldest sister marry a handsome young aristocrat.

Game System

  • Gameplay : A tactical RPG game. Thermidor stays true to the roots of Japanese RPGs, but also borrows features from other video game genres.
  • Visuals : Full 3D state of the art graphics, blending western style with Japanese Anime style art.
  • Platform : Thermidor will be a multi platform game, for PC, Mac, Linux, mobile, AndroidTV, and eventually consoles. There will also be an option to start playing on one device, and continue on another.
  • Character Movement : A unique path movement and “space awareness” system is being implemented into the game, they call it - “Dynamic Awareness System”, or DAS for short. So, depending on the path you choose, the other player can block and intercept your movement, or change his Attack strategy accordingly. There is a lot of focus on the strategic part of the attack and movement, where a certain path can prove to be a better tactic than another.
  • Thermidor’s Weaponry Features : All the weapons in the game will be available for all characters to use, with each character having his / her own specialty weapon. Each weapon requires experience to be able to use properly (except your specialty weapon). Similar to a “Beat ’em up” arcade game style. Weapons can also be shared between players.
  • Character Skills : Each character will have special skills and experience points that will develop throughout the game, and will be a key to the ease of success in the game. The skills vary with each character, and there is an ability to strengthen a certain skill by gaining experience during game play, and also by choosing your initial skill points at the beginning of the game.
  • Music : They are developing a special system that will have the music change seamlessly, when events change in the game, effectively, making the soundtrack sound more like that of a movie, rather than your typical video game.

HyperDevbox is a Tokyo-based independent game studio that is established with the primary goal of developing original and fascinating video games for all mobile and major console platforms. One of the main field activity/services of the game development studio is to port game titles on “New Generation” gaming systems but specializing on Android, iOS, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry Phone.

The Team

A passionate group of people fully dedicated to making this wonderful game.

Mr. Carlo Perconti the CEO and founder of HyperDevbox, a veteran in game development, creator of “Legend”, the “ExZeus” series, and more recently “INDY 500® Arcade Racing”.

  1. Junko Hanzawa – Business relations
  2. Kaho Yuguchi – 2D artist character designer
  3. Nurlan Kalybekov – Programmer
  4. Ron J. Ward – Composer/sound designer
  5. Takeshi Yatsuzuka – 3D artist
  6. Lauri Caravaca – 3D artist
  7. Leslie Perconti – France campaign director
  8. Naoki Saito – Scenario writer

HyperDevbox Japan has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $240,000. The fund raised will be used to secure the most talented people, such as programmers, artists, voice actors and other roles for this project.


  • Website Credits
  • Digital Android Mobile Game
  • Digital Desktop Game
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • PDF Art Book
  • Hard Cover Art Book
  • A3 Printed Picture
  • Game USB Card

Have a look at the Indiegogo link below for more information:

Also please take some time to share this campaign across your social networks and encourage your friends and family to support.

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