Monday 4 April 2016
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BiblioWorks Fifth Annual Reading Festival


Invest in Literacy for real Sustainable Change

Reading and literacy underpin everything that BiblioWorks strives to achieve here in one of the most impoverished parts of Bolivia. For the past five years, we have been spreading the joy of reading to over 2,000 people during our annual Reading Festival in the city of Sucre. In April 2015, we want it to be bigger, better and to transform the lives of even more children and families.

Our twelve libraries located in rural villages around the city of Sucre bear testament to our belief that books are the key to helping communities develop sustainably and opening doors for generations to come. Healthy communities mean healthy minds.



$10 Books! – We give out hundreds of books for free to attendees of the event. A $10 donation will mean that two children will each be able to take a book home.

$50 Educational Materials – Educational materials for innovative literacy activities with children, adolescents and adults. A $50 donation pays for enough learning materials for ten people.

$100 BiblioBus Hire – A $100 donation will pay for the hire of one of two BiblioBuses which bring children and families from around Sucre to the festival and ensure hundreds can attend!


The impact of your contribution

Your contribution to this event will have a long-lasting impact by:

  • Improving access to literacy and reading in Sucre for thousands of people living across the city.
  • Raising the profile of education and reading in Chuquisaca and making it a staple feature of everyday life.
  • Opening new doors for children and their families futures’ through literacy and reading.


Other ways you can help

  • Some people can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t help!
  • Contact to find out about volunteering for the Reading Festival!
  • Please spread the word about this campaign, and about BiblioWorks and the great work we are doing in Bolivia by using Generosity’s sharing tools.


About Project Creator:

Maritza Valdez, Director of BiblioWorks

BiblioWorks is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity which has established twelve libraries in poor communities in and around the beautiful city of Sucre, Bolivia. Our libraries are a vital way for communities to develop through literacy and education. We rely entirely upon the donations of generous people around the globe to support our work here in Sucre, Bolivia.

We fund raise for a range of different causes, including to pay for the cost of training and resources for new libraries, as well as for events organised in Sucre which aim to bring reading to thousands of local residents.


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