Tuesday 28 June 2016
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Flashlight the size of a match

MatchboxInstruments [MBI] announces a new world record has just been set for the world’s tiniest production flashlight, aptly named the MBI Matchlight ™.

The size of a single match, fully submersible, and magnetic, these tiny LED based flashlights run for 8 hours and are packaged in a clever matchbook style case. Designed to hold 8 Matchlights, the Matchbook is so small, you can easily hide it in your wallet, purse or pocket providing up to 64 hours of non stop light in an emergency.

According to inventor Guy T.Gwnn, “Japan is always at risk of earthquakes and blackouts so at this tiny size, everyone can keep several flashlights in their wallet and my hope is that can save lives”.

The MBI Matchlights have just been launched on Indiegogo (a crowdfunding platform) with special offers for early birds.
About MBI - MatchboxInstruments

Based in Japan, the MBI brand has a cult-like following, famous for it’s exquisitely designed, state of the art products and often dubbed the Apple of the flashlight world by its loyal followers known as “The Tribe.” Guy, the founder and inventor started the movement years ago with an ambition to create the impossible.
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Contact: Guy T. Gwnn

Organisation Name: MBI - Matchbox Instruments


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