Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Our Planet in Motion

Einstein thought it possible–Dr Hapgood’s theory had missing details. My book proves it was correct.

Short  Description

Dr.Charles Hapgood discovered that the Earth’s outer crust shifts suddenly around its inner core. Albert Einstein affirms that it could happen. We have mapped the exact path the last sudden shift that shifted 1/3 way around the earth one day about 6,000 to 7,000 years ago.

Galileo, Louis Pasteur, and Rachel Carson were all scoffed at by scientists of their day.

I’ve completed extensive research into the theory presented by Charles Hapgood, an American Geology professor in 1950s.  The introduction to his book “The Earth’s Shifting Crust” was written by Albert Einstein .

Einstein thought his theory was possible – but it never got accepted. Hapgood’s theory had missing details. My thorough research proves that Einstein and Hapgood were correct. My book maps out the exact path the outer crust of our earth took during the last shift. You can calculate  where the location of your home would have been situated before that shift. Have fun!

Our continents were never one large land mass. Several other currently accepted theories are challenged by my book. The research behind these theories is correct - it’s the modern interpretations that are wrong.  Other evidence uncovered has never been explained until now.

I need help to get this edited and final preparation for publishing and then help in marketing and distribution.

Risks & Challenges

Scientists tend to hold onto the beliefs they learned while in university. One author has written that for a new theory to become accepted in science, the old scientists have to die off first. He called it the scientific time lag. This time lag is a good thing as it blocks new and unproved theories. It’s also a bad thing because it blocks new and unproved theories. Our blessing is that we don’t need to impress scientists - this book is written for the average person so it should sell well.

The risk is that we end up with a garage full of books. But that won’t happen as long as I’m alive. I’m retired now, and I’m prepared to travel far and wide to promote this book, to book stores, universities, and media. I don’t need money from the book to live. I need only modest travel expenses.


About Project Creator:

Gordon Hughes

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I’m 70 years old today and wrote the first draft of this project in 1981. I had a good paying but boring job, checking baggage and selling tickets in a small train station. This gave me great time to read and research things I was interested in.

These interests varied form the Bermuda Triangle, lost civilizations, lost continents, why the woolly mammoth was supposed to have been caught in climate change but still had green vegetation in it system? It simply had to happen faster than that.


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