Monday 4 April 2016
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Vintage Glorious Glendale is Going on the Telly

Vintage Glorious Glendale the documentary all about Glendale, California is going on television!



Rhodes is going to create a three-part television series for worldwide broadcast! Fundraising has begun to re-edit the current version into a television documentary series.

Have you ever wondered about all of the vintage buildings and homes in Glendale and how it is that amidst the progressive growth of the city, there still remains so many beautiful structures, businesses and people? A documentary entitled VINTAGE GLORIOUS GLENDALE is sweeping the screens in movie theaters and encompasses the history, the buildings, the businesses and the people of this fair city.

The local production company, Velvet Rhodes Productions has created an entertaining and exhaustive look at Glendale, California. An enthusiastic view of the very vintage buildings, businesses, homes and people of Glendale with beautiful cinematography, stirring music and informative interviews. A documentary shot in the style of “Huell Howser’s California Gold” with interviews and onsite visits showing how Glendale started, how it progressed and interviews with prominent Glendalians. From the Alex Theatre to the YWCA, Metzler Violin Store, Sons of the Revolution Library, YMCA, Glendale Community College, Central Library and Foxy’s Restaurant, you will be astounded at the amount of information contained in Vintage Glorious Glendale.

Velvet Rhodes wrote, directed, produced and narrates. Apparently the inspiration came from her foray into the Facebook group “Vintage Glendale – The Jewel City” when she was in the middle of producing the Glendale International Film Festival last year. Rhodes thought it would be great to have a documentary all about the history of Glendale and was given great support from the group, who sent many vintage photos and stories which started the filming. A companion book “Vintage Glorious Glendale” was also created which is 149 pages of photos and text. As the centerpiece for the Glendale International Film Festival, the documentary premiered at the Alex Theatre on September 24, 2015 for the opening night of the Glendale International Film Festival.

After the screening at the Alex Theatre, Rhodes decided to re-edit and three months later has created a true jewel for The Jewel City. The collection of vintage photographs is impressive as are the interviews with local residents. Rhodes says it was amazing how supportive everyone who participated was and the great amount of stories which, she says, could be made into a series of individual hour long documentaries about each individual business, building and home which is what she is planning to do next. “There is such a wealth of unknown elements in Glendale and everyone has a great story to be told, I intend to tell those stories.” Also, a series of historical documentaries about La Crescenta, Montrose and La Canada are in the works.

One more screening on March 19, 2016 6:00 pm at the MGN FIVE STAR CINEMA, 128 N. Maryland Avenue, Glendale. Tickets available at If you can’t make the screening the DVD and book are available online or by mail at

Vintage Glorious Glendale is screening at the MGN FIVE STAR CINEMA and premiered at the Alex Theatre and has been receiving great reviews which you can read by clicking here:




Great Appreciation for All of The Supporters

It is with great appreciation and gratitude to reach out to all of you who have been so supportive and enthusiastic about Vintage Glorious Glendale….this documentary could not have been made without your generous contributions!

  • The editing for television is quite different than for film, so experts are on board to perfect, sound balance, and color correct each segment removing any technical flaws.  Given the amount of information in this documentary, the process is very time consuming.
  • The monumental success of this documentary will now become a series that can screen around the world on television.
  • It is so exciting to have come this far with this film and all because of YOU!


About Project Creator:

Velvet RhodesVelvet Rhodes

Award winning writer, director, producer and actress who formed her own production company VELVET RHODES PRODUCTIONS. Producer of GLENDALE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2014, 2015, 2016 VINTAGE GLORIOUS GLENDALE ROOM FOR RENT THE SERIES THE CELL PHONE THE PURPLE ZONE TICKET TO RIDE Velvet Rhodes is an actress who hails from London, England, beginning her career in music, playing and singing alternative rock music in bands and then going onto theatre in London, England.


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