Sunday 3 April 2016
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Philanthropy Entertainment


As multi-disciplinary artists, our goal is to create an uplifting show, using entertainment to rescue victims of domestic violence.

Philanthropy ENTertainment is a multi-disciplinary group of artists formed to help eradicate violence through entertainment.

Our mission is to cultivate compassion in the community, promote accountability in ourselves and others, and ultimately to raise money that will aid in rescuing victims of abuse.  Our founders include Tori Lubecki, Danielle Perez, Jamie Hardabura, and Stacey Magiera.

Our Goal:

To generate $10,000 as seed money for production of our first show. We all know that putting on a live show can be an expensive endeavor. Although we are having as many things as possible donated, we believe the majority of our expenses will go towards securing a venue, marketing, printing, set pieces, costumes, props and  merchandise.

About Project Creator:

Philanthropy Entertainment

Founded by four women, Philanthropy ENTertainment most notably prides itself on our abilities as performers and humanitarians. With our combined experience as creators, teachers, care-givers, volunteers, victims, students, and hard-working, professional performers, we feel that we have just the right balance of grit, grace and gratitude to really make a difference in our community, and ultimately leave this world better than we entered it.


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