Wednesday 29 June 2016
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The “SURVIVAL SKILLS FOR LIFE”  SCHOOLS PROGRAM came into being in December 2014 after I had travelled to Da Nang Vietnam to assist a newly formed NGO, Surf Lifesaving Vietnam.

A collaboration between me and a friend began offering Emergency Care courses to the public after we noticed there was very little information and training in basic skills like, airway management, bleeding control, burns management, choking etc, skills we had taken for granted.

We also included topics especially relevant to the local population such as drowning, electrocution, fire and gas explosion escape and offered these free of charge to schools.

These were so well received that teachers and school principles were saying this should be rolled out to every school across the country. We greed, but it is costly and very time consuming obtaining permissions on so many levels before each school that was visited.


Unfortunately my colleague was unable to continue for personal reasons so now I need to employ someone to obtain these permissions and liaise with the schools as well as local printers and service providers essential to keep the project going.

A corporate sponsor, with naming rights, will need to be obtained for the ongoing rollout.

About Project Creator:


Tony Coffey is an operational Emergency Paramedic in Australia’s largest city, Sydney, covering the inner city, the coast and 2 of that city’s major trauma hospitals.

He has been involved in lifesaving and training since 1991 as a professional lifeguard for 10 years as well as a volunteer lifesaver for over 20 years. During this time he has filled numerous education, training and assessment roles as well as serving in executive positions with Surf Lifesaving Sydney and New South Wales Lifesaving Academy.

Tony has been delivering first aid and emergency training professionally since 1998 as well as designing and delivering training courses to suit the requirements of specific industries, workplaces and culturally and linguistically diverse groups since 2003.

He is a highly regarded facilitator and guest speaker for several training organisations in Australia with a relaxed and entertaining style that provides learners with memorable outcomes from his years of practical experience in doing what he teaches.


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