Wednesday 29 June 2016
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The Trial Of The Plant

Help us bring the world’s top Cannabis experts to SA to give evidence at the ‘Trial Of The Plant’.

Challenging the Constitutionality of the South African Cannabis Laws.

Our Mission

Through constructive discussion with interested individuals, parties and potential stakeholders in the South African Cannabis legalisation movement, we support litigation and are engaging with policy makers in order to construct South Africa’s Cannabis future in all of its varied facets. Since 2010, the call for the legalisation of Cannabis in South Africa has become increasing difficult to ignore.

It is no longer possible for individuals to take on this enormous task personally and that is why “Fields of Green for ALL” has been established. As founders, we look forward to working with ALL interested parties. We do not claim to have all the answers and it is not our intention to dictate the process. This organization is about inclusivity through constructive dialogue and input.

The Impact

  • The current laws prohibiting the cultivation, use of and trade in the Cannabis plant are unscientific and outdated. It is essential that we gather the top experts in the world to give evidence.
  • The Trial of the Plant starts in the High Court, where the judges will decide on the constitutionality of the matter. All evidence is heard in the High Court. From there we go to the highest (!) court in the land, the South African Constitutional Court. Once the Constitutional Court has declared the laws unlawful (yes, we are very positive) we intend taking our case all the way to the International Court of Human Rights - taking every government in the world to task on this issue - so that this plant never has to be put on trial again, anywhere in the world.
  • From small back rooms in rural villages to the TEDx stage and a number of international conferences, The Dagga Couple and other South African activists have been pounding the pavements since 2010. We have amassed a large online presence and connected with many people. It is the people who make the success and Cannabis Activism surely brings the most diverse and interesting people together.


About Project Creator:

Fields Of Green For All

South African pro-Cannabis activists Julian Stobbs & Myrtle Clarke, aka ‘The Dagga Couple’ have, along with a team of professionals, established the non-profit company Fields of Green for ALL (FGA) to overcome the obstacles surrounding the legalisation of the use of Cannabis in South Africa. FGA was formed following legal advice that, as an official body, it would have the capacity to raise the funds needed for the expenses of challenging these laws at the highest Constitutional level.


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