Monday 4 April 2016
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i-Wipe The Smartphone Cover

I-Wipe is the Smartphone Cover with an innovative system onboard to clean your display!


We at the-Wipe, we are very close to the social theme, in fact, the product assembly will be entrusted to a team of disabled workers.


The cleaning action of special microfiber made in Italy, is surprisingly effective and keeps the display of the smartphone always shiny and clean.


The convenient and ingenious system of assembly of the two parts of the wiper, allows easy replacement


The shape of the wiper has been specifically designed for a natural motion, flowing and smooth on the display of your smartphone

Exclusive and elegant

The wiper with a touch of class and exclusivity to the cover and at the same time makes it very elegant gesture with which clean your smartphone


The material with which is made the wiper, ABS, makes it very resistant and allows it to perform its cleaning action for a long time

Made in Italy

The wiper is an Italian patent, designed and built entirely in Italy.



 i-Wipe simplifies everything, design and convenience at your fingertips

Imagine the phone cover that you have been using till now, plus one unique element, a slider covered in a special microfiber fabric with a high capacity for anti static and non-scratching cleaning and which allows you to keep your smartphone constantly clean with one simple movement.

This elegant, ergonomic and effective slider was made by engineers and designers. Its ultra slim thickness, streamlined form and delicacy allows regular use without altering the dimension and weight of the cover.


The wiper was made in ABS, a recyclable, light, resistant and easy-to-wash material, allowing a functional and durable product to do the job with one simple stroke. The ergonomic and streamlined form allows you to gently pass over the display, conforming perfectly to the delicate surface.


The wiper is covered in a special MADE IN ITALY microfiber substance. Thanks to its velvety weave, this product can perfectly and effectively clean delicate surfaces, such as photographic and microscope lens and displays. Moreover, the microfiber was made with a particular element that renders it anti static, non-scratch and with a high capacity for cleaning.


Shape, weight and dimension of the phone cover are the same of those presently on the market. In fact, the presence of the wiper requires no significant variation. It will be made from different material:

  • PU leather: the most requested type on the market for its versatility
  • Genuine leather: characteristically assertive and elegant
  • EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate): environmentally friendly and very lightweight combined with resistance and durability

About Project Creator:

Delumensrl3.originalValerio Rossi & Roberto Porcelli

Valerio and Roberto, the creators of the i-Wipe, are both 49 years old and have been friends since university. From the birth of the idea of the i-Wipe, they have rolled up their sleeves and with just a few resources available, began their adventure collaborating with designers and engineers and created the i-Wipe.


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