Tuesday 28 June 2016
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Andrea Vronik: Radical Album

Help me to change the rules, make music as we dream with the sound we love.


My name is Andrea Vronik. I’m from a very small country called Paraguay. Normally, when I say that, people ask me ‘where’s that?’ or ‘you mean Uruguay?’

Yes. That’s why I had to tell you the truth. My country is beautiful and is the best place to find beautiful women and the best music of the world, maybe both at the same time.

I want to show to the world who I am. Who? I’m a singer, I been working with music in the last 10 years and It’s getting hard because I choose something different for this place. I grew listening Beatles and Bee Gees, thanks to my dad. My sister has shown me who is Madonna, Aerosmith and Guns and Roses.

My father made me sing the best of México and Argentina and even listening our traditional music I choose to sing Pop and rock music.

That’s why I started my idea and found the right people to help me on this project. They support me every day but now everything is getting crazy, and crazy means expensive in this case.

My project is about music, but is about changing the rules for the music here, in South America, in Paraguay. When you cross the lines, that’s the only way to change the rules here and make my voice and my music to be heard.

I want to make this album, the name is ‘Radical’. I had to change my mind, my life and my decisions to make it real and I tried to do it alone because I always wanted to show the world how strong I am, but now, I’ve learned something else: I’m not alone, and sometimes, you just need to ask for help and dreams can come true.

I want to make this album and I want my first video to make you enjoy in the way I enjoy it. But, because I can’t do it without you, I want to make really part of it, being on my video or being part of my lyrics.


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Andrea Vronik

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My name is Andrea Vronik and I’m a singer and songwriter. My project is about changing rules for music here, in my country, Paraguay. I want my music to be heard because the art has no limits, no rules and I want to be an exception to show to another musicians o maybe, kids that want to sing, that you don’t need to do the “commercial” music that our people is expecting from us.

I have 10 years working on music, singing, studying and trying to show new things, the music I choose even when the people told that is impossible. I try to find help here but people who could help me want me to change my style, my music, even the things I believe and that made me try harder.

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