Monday 4 April 2016
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Family Core Keepers - keeps you time and family


Time is the most precious resource ever! Don’t lose time searching for your keys or rings any more!

Family Core Keeper” is an innovative way to store your wedding rings and keys save and easy!

Special magnetizing, attaches “Family Core Keeper” to metal surfaces such as iron, nickel, cobalt and different alloys, without the need to drill or glue. You can move them wherever or whenever you want.

The set includes two Keepers- bigger for the men and smaller for the women. All perks include Worldwide shipping.

I was talking with some friends about the wedding rings and that many people does not wear them all the time. So you have to keep them somewhere. That’s how the idea came- Family Core Keeper! A small accessory that keeps your rings save, while you don’t need them on your fingers. But it can keep many important stuff for your home, like your keys for instance :)

The Keepers represent the family core, like the atom of the Helium- the man is the core and the woman is the electron. This is the first element which put under extreme conditions in the core of a star, creates the rest of the elements in our Universe. So the Keepers represent this union in the family.

You know that the happiness is in the small moments passing just in a minute or even in seconds, but staying lifelong in our memories. Let’s put some more happiness and love in our lives, each day. The small ritual of taking off or on your wedding ring is reminding always of good memories with the beloved one and having a special place to put both wedding rings is so great!

Social Impact

How much time are you loosing each day for searching your wedding rings or keys?

According to since it’s between 1 and 2 minutes each days. That makes between 6 and 12 hours each year, that are gone forever or 2 weeks during your active lifetime.

Instead loosing time each day looking for keys or rings you can do:

– 15 push ups (staying fit is important)

– Organize your day

– Call a taxi

– Help someone cross the street

– Write a Birthday wish

– Catch the bus just in time

– Water the flowers

– Check the e-mail, Indiegogo etc.


About Project Creator:

Petar Petrov

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I am 31 years old father of two boys and happily married for Natalia :) My professional background is Mechanical engineering and my hobby is the natural Beekeeping with Top Bar hives.


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