Tuesday 28 June 2016
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Ms Rebecca Keysers Autism Link App

Autism Link app will be a new professional, convenient and contemporary tool for families, parents and carers to access service providers, therapists, educators, coordination officers, community programs, support groups, early intervention, schools, education, recreation, resources, respite, early links programs, disability services, playgroups, community inclusion programs, workshop information, funding options, sensory products and much more, associated with Autism.

Autism Link will provide families and carers a quick and direct link to the services available in their area, something that has been very hard to access over the years. After conducting some research, families were unsure of services available to them and were overwhelmed with the prospect of having to search for assistance independently. Autism Link will change that and allow looking for relevant services, providers and links really easy.

More children are being diagnosed with autism than ever before, and Autism Link will be a fantastic app to have in every household to ensure early and ongoing support is accessible to everyone who may need to use it.


About Project Creator:

Rebecca Keysers

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As a mother to a son with Autism, I am very confident that Autism Link will be a very successful enterprise, in terms of giving families a guide to selecting the right services that support them and their children’s needs.


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