Monday 27 August 2018
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Blanket The World With WowTowels™ Creating Miles of Smiles!

WowTowels is a wonderful innovation in the world of beach towels and a ready market for this fascinating product awaits. Invented by Todd Moore, the WowTowel Guy, this wonderful towel is set to make sizzling temperatures shoot higher. Comfortable, high quality fabric and styles that offer comfort make this an amazing choice for individual users across the gamut of the sales demographics, so much so that over 106 sales force and a strategic marketing company seeks to enter into partnership with WowTowels to take it to the next level.

WowTowels is an awesome product aired on NBC’s Today Show and displayed along with Parents Magazine. This winning choice in the market of textiles and fabrics is a cut above the rest, when it comes to toweling comfort and durability that never compromises on affordability. Seeking funds on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform, the WowTowels team is oriented towards making the impact bigger in every way. Help fulfill the mission to provide quality towels to a wide audience.
Have a look at the KICKSTARTER link below:

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