Wednesday 29 June 2016
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White December

As you can probably relate, falling in love can be complex and sometimes even painful, but wherever your love path has taken you; you will appreciate the message of our film. As a gay male living in Australia with no equal rights to same sex marriage and other equality issues. I have written this film to help express my voice to a wider community. That is why I have created “White December” We will create this film with no bias, no ulterior motives, just one man, with one story.


“We follow Daniel, a late 20’s gay male who is just trying to fit in. Like others, Daniel struggles to feel accepted and equal within society and his own family. With the approaching death of his mother, Daniel realises that it’s now or never to be true to himself. Along with his strong, business minded sister who also struggles to find herself. It is an unexpected guest that changes Daniel’s life forever.”

“White December.” a film based on a true story of love. A story that will inspire, educate and help those struggling with isolation. It is based off the true story of my own life. A journey like this cannot go untold.

You may not know this but in Australia marriage equality is still not legal and therefor not recognized within the country. I will be exploring those issues within the film, showing that love is equal and should be treated as equal no matter the sexuality. I know the pain and anguish first hand; no one is better fit to tell this story.

How the funds will be used

We will create this short with your help. We are looking to raise dollars to cover the minimum costs of this production.

Our budget would be used to cover:

• Food & Accommodation for the Cast and Crew

• Film equipment

• Post Production fees

• Marketing

We are incredibly lucky to have a Cast & Crew that are working for free, they just want the exposure and opportunity. All we need is funding for the bare basics. Being that we are all working for free we are dedicated to supporting local and budding artists.


Making films is an expensive proposition. In addition to all the basic costs, we need to spread the word about the film because lets face it; a film without an audience is a wasted message and cause. We need to ensure that people know about what we are doing, have access to it and are able to benefit from the hard work, heart and soul that is poured into every ounce of this film, from opening to final scene.

Without an audience this story will go unheard and it has too many lives to change. Because this film is a “short feature” we have a very lean budget, cast and crew. We still need the necessary tools and accommodations to face any and all challenges they might face in the making of “White December.” That is where you come in.

By helping us you will be one step closer to seeing this film. We’ll need your help raising the funds we need to make this passion project a reality. So we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. We 100% could not do this without your support.

About Project Creator:

Michael J. Dimarco

I have been out there sharing my stories and my vision to the world for several years. I have been writing scripts for over eight years now and love being inspired by true events that happen around us. “White December” will be my first big production that is close to my heart and something I strongly believe in. I have written this film and I will also be directing this film.

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