Monday 19 December 2016
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Less – Like Chess but Less!

Less is a simple strategy board game for two or four players. It’s easy to learn and fun to play.

It’s a simple game, which can be set up in seconds and the rules can be learned in less than a minute. It both fun and challenging to play, and can also be a beautiful addition to every game lover’s collection. Just set-up the board’s nine tiles, place the game pieces in their starting position, and you’re ready to go! The goal is to move your four pieces to the opponents starting corner before they move into yours.

Less was created by Aleksandr Starovojtov, a man who is a fan of board games and also fully aware of the importance of rest and relaxation. A few years ago, Aleksandr went on vacation with his family to the seaside, and unfortunately forgot all of their family games at home. Eager to find a solution, he grabbed some beer coasters from the local bar and created the very first version of Less. Aleksandr experimented with the coaster board and developed the rules as they went along. Upon arriving back home he started playing the game with his friends and got a wave of positive feedback. From there he developed the game and Less was born!

One of the most important goals for the creators of Less was to designed a product for game enthusiasts with an eye for beautiful design. Throughout the thoughtful process, the designers achieved an attractive look for elegantly simple game. The illustrations featured on the back of the playing board were made by one of the most successful and well-known Slovenian artists, Natan Esku. The simple look and natural feel makes Less a beautiful addition to any home.


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