Tuesday 28 June 2016
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Help me create a military music Video from my new album

Being and Independent Musician is tough.. Help me stay way from the Ugly Monster Labels and keep making Music & Videos for you.


This project really came about several years ago. For Christmas I raise money to give vets gifts for Christmas. I also perform for the vets while the volunteers hands out gifts. I always wanted to do more for them. Then I cut this album this year and included the song Hero’s Welcome and I wanted to put together a meaningful video for the this song dedicated to them.

This Music Video is very dear to my heart.  We want to shoot a video for our song Hero’s Welcome..  Its a Military song for our men and women that have put themselves in harms way to ensure our freedom.   You can listen to our newest release above..  Please listen and know we are serious about our music and care what our fans think and want. Help us make this video happen so we can get it released and share it with the world…  Thank you..


About Project Creator:

Bill Kelley

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I’m a simple guy that enjoys picking up the guitar and either writing or performing. Fans have helped support my last 2 albums and are helping me with my next 2 albums this year. Christmas album and another full blown project. Couldn’t do this without fans.

It’s tough when you don’t have a major label supporting you and throwing money at marketing and getting AirPlay. Just have to work a lot harder and make every penny count. Been playing music and performing for 20 years hope to do it as long as I can.


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