Monday 27 August 2018
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Timeless Clock in remembrance of time passed 

Eva Zhou and Jerry Huang from EY Products have a dream and it is to create timeless products that can be cherished forever. Their independent designer brand label EY Products is a step in this direction. The Timeless Clock is one of the innovative and timeless products on their agenda. Starting with the Timeless Pen in 2015, Eva and Jerry now bring you this timepiece which serves as a memento you can cherish and a functionally rich, aesthetically pleasing addition to your living space or office. The Timeless Clock blends brass and solid wood, with a rich appeal that mellows and changes across time.

With the Timeless Clock made with its solid wooden case, and a contrast effect due to oxidization over time, this is a clock that changes and grows with you. This beautiful clock is a remembrance of times past, when things were valued rather than the use and throw culture that perpetuates today. Eva and Jerry need HK$30,000 to fulfill their dream of bringing this masterpiece to the public audience. Help fund the exquisite clock, which is designed with attention to even the smallest details, on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and help start an aesthetic revolution.
Have a look at the kickstarter link below:

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