Monday 27 August 2018
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Helping Homeless Veterans

Tanganekia Guidry is on a mission and it is to help war veterans meet everyday hurdlespost their combat years. Whether it is counseling for mental health problems andaddictions, or physical therapy for attaining maximum wellness, Serenity Innovationsis where it all begins. The transitional housing complex will be for single and marriedveterans with families to stay, recoup, and develop job readiness and stable housingoptions. In 2013, Guidry saw the plight of family and friends who were war veteransand got zero support from the very communities they had fought for. Helping homelessveterans access better care, more stable career development opportunities and aregular home is the key of this initiative. For helping the war veterans attain a chance toreclaim their lives, and cope with the aftermath of the trauma of war, SerenityInnovations is an initiative that seeks to make them whole again and help them moveto a life that they deserve.
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