Tuesday 28 June 2016
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United Kingdom Come

A music business that will revolutionize music. Giving musicians a chance to spread their word, soul, love, and joy. Better the future

My future business name will be called United Kingdom Come. The name of the movement in motion is called Rebelliuz Revolution. The mission is to revolutionize the message in music and music in general. The goal is to better the future of our kids and the message they receive from the music they listen to everyday.

Music is powerful and one of the most influential aspects of all of our lives! If there is an abundance of good, loving, soulful, and influential music our world and future will rise! There are many artists who possess the same mindset and hope for the same thing. I want to make it to a point to have a name in order to get these artist and musicians together to reinforce these wishes with great music and flood the world with it! The way our music is today id very detrimental to our society and culture, with no disrespect to any artist.

The funds received will be used for equipment and music production purposes. The better quality music will be more presentable and will give me a better chance of having it played and listened to. I really could go on and on, but this is the overall picture of what I am trying to do.

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23 yr old trying to create his own business. Im in love with music and dreamchasing! From Fayetteville, NC and I dropped out of school to run towards this goal of mine because it is my destiny and I chose to walk the path I was destined for!

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