Tuesday 28 June 2016
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Quip Anomaly: Fast-Paced Physics-Based Video Game in Space

Fast-paced, physics-based, object avoidance game requiring a quick navigating mind and nimble fingers.

Deep in space as the universe brightened from the dark ages, a lone curious Quip ventured into a chaotic inexplicable region of space to find far more than she expected.

Quip Anomaly is a fast-paced 2D obstacle avoidance game. With careful targeted clicks/taps, you will guide Virnu’s propulsion to dodge the incoming Gonn, acquire information, and obtain power ups. As you pass through each level, you will learn more about Virnu and her story.

With this Kickstarter successfully funded, Quip Anomaly will be available for free (and ad-free) on multiple platforms including desktop, Android and iOS app marketplaces.

Game Play

Your mission is to protect Virnu from harm and maximize your score.

Heavy blunt objects called Gonn are approaching to collide with Virnu. Carefully maneuver her to avoid these objects.

Tapping/clicking at a point on the screen will cause Virnu to accelerate and decelerate to arrive there as quickly as she can. You can tap anytime, anywhere, but each tap costs you a little bit of score.

Occasionally special items such as power ups or score bonuses will float by. Collide with these to gather them.

Settings and Players:

Quip Anomaly takes place shortly after the dark ages of the universe. In this volatile time of new and emerging stars, a particularly curious nebula had within it a unique and confusing anomaly.

The player character Virnu is a Quip, which are sentient spheroid entities that travel freely through space. They consist of a “quantum brain” surrounded by an aura that provides sensory input and propulsion.

Virnu is a scholar with intense curiosity. The game begins after she enters the spatial anomaly. There she discovers this place is not only enigmatic, it’s downright hostile.

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