Wednesday 29 June 2016
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GotyGoty… Workout Pants that make you Sweat & Burn Calories Whenever you’re Active

Ultimate technology enhanced workout Pants that increase your core body temperature which make it easier to SWEAT & BURN calories.

GotyGoty  technology-enhanced activewear help retain body heat which will cause the wearer’s core body temperature to rise and the body to work harder. By raising the core body temperature, the wearer sweat fast, works harder, thereby burning more calories and ultimately melting away fat faster than wearing regular active wear clothing. GOTYGOTY supports a wearer’s efforts for toning and shaping their body.

500 GotyGoty pants were initially made to help test this technology. They were quickly sold out in a short period of time.

We would like you to order a pair of the GotyGoty pants today first of all because we believe these GotyGoty pants will be very helpful to you, secondly your back up will help our dream come true. Get the only workout pants that actually keep you Hot, make you Sweat and Burn Calories whenever you are active. Get them only here on Kickstarter at a discounted price, delivery 100% guarantee after the project is funded.



  • Very close-fit, super comfortable
  • Perfect curved seams for a good silhouette
  • Hidden inside pocket to stash cash, keys & other things
  • Comes with a cord that will stop the pants from ever rolling or falling down, you can adjust the cord to the size you need to hold the pants tight enough so they can stay in place when you move
  • Cell phone/music device side pocket( you will never drop or lost your phone again when working out)
  • Wide slimming waistband to help hold & tone the stomach




  • Create sweat that helps cleanse your body of toxins and burn more calories. If you don’t SWEAT you WILL in these pants
  • Help lose inches on waist, hips and thighs, and around the stomach
  • Increase your core body temperature
  • Perfect tool for targeting your bum, thighs, hips, calves and knees
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve skin elasticity
  • Reduce muscle fatigue, promote muscle relaxation, keep thigh muscles warm through natural body heat
  • Prevent muscles injury and relieve soreness
  • Increase blood circulation, reduce stress and fatigue
  • Help maintain a clean diet, reduce recurent appetite, and increase workout regime
  • Great gear for cold temperature, no air goes through, will keep you warm
  • Create a smooth silhouette and can be worn under everyday clothes
  • Perfect for outside run in winter time
  • Help people with low or no mobility sweat
  • Suitable for house work, relaxing, fitness studio work, training, yoga, zumba, running, body conditionning, spinning, cycling, biking, waking.


About Project Creator:
Jesue Tin & GotyGoty HotWear

I am Jesue Tin the person behind the GotyGoty project. I have a  Bachelor degree in business administration from Moncton university located in eastern Canada. I have been working in the manufacturing and distribution of sportswear clothing since 2004. During this period of time, I came to an ultimate realization of just how hard people, particularly women struggle to lose weight and to look and feel confident in themselves both internally and externally. This realization let to the creation of the GotyGoty line of clothing. Workout apparels that help women sweat and burn calories whenever they are active.

The name GOTYGOTY originates from a South Africa slang, the homeland of the Greatest and Famous Nelson Mandela. GOTY means beautiful. GOTY also stand for Girl Of The Year. With GOTYGOTY we are promoting the fact that every woman is born with outstanding beauties. These qualities can very much be revealed when they dressed in our fitness and active wear clothing. GotyGoty fitness HotWear helps ladies gain control over their weight, size, and shape.

Link to the Project:

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