Monday 27 August 2018
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7 Bullets by Cleopatra Wong - Part II

The next feature film of Marrie Lee aka Cleopatra Wong, that promises explosive action and unique story structure. A seasoned heist-man has been framed by his twin brother who works in the police force. Help us to clear his name. Help him to seek justice. Join us on our journey to make the most epic film ever in Singapore!

Deeply inspired by the movie, ‘7 Bullets’ tie several stories together, creating an original action-drama that will wow the viewers in many different ways. This is basically an omnibus film that consists of multiple subplots culminating in the raging shooting of a wedding party. These seemingly singular, fragmented and multiple vignettes offer humour, drama, action, as well as touching on the sensitive subjects of mature romance, same sex relationship, remorse and forgiveness, and family values in a diversity of characters and themes.
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