Wednesday 29 June 2016
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VENQUE - The Future of Duffle + Backpack 2in1

Your Ultimate Bag- A Duffle that can be converted into a Backpack, for Travel, for the Office and at the Gym. 10 Year Guarantee!

Innovation is in our DNA, yet we are not a tech company, no flashy high techs, no connection apps, but we understand what you truly need, a convertible and beautiful bag that improves your daily living, the ideas of making your life a bit easier and convenient is in our bone.

VENQUE is a Kickstarter-born company; with a goal to innovate the way people carry their essentials. We design every product from scratch, carefully selecting only the best materials for our designs. Convertible has became a key function for venque products since 2013 and every bag has a minimal of two ways of carrying.

Venque’s Duffle Pack 1.0 : two ways of carrying, - the only duffle bag you’ll ever need whether you’re travelling or hitting the gym. Like all of our bags, we design every single piece from scratch, using our signature Quanta fabric, two handle directions, and seat belt grade straps. You can put all of your travel clothes and gear into this bag. Duffle Pack 1.0 has an external slide-through compartment that you can hook onto your luggage handle, making it easier to carry with your luggage. This bag is not simply for travel use: this is also a gym bag. It comes with a shoe organizer that fits your shoes , or even your dirty clothes. The organizer has a waterproof interior- nothing can leak from this pouch. We understand that sometimes it’s difficult to carry your duffle with one hand or on one shoulder, so we designed two straps that can hook on to your duffle, converting your duffle into a backpack .

Introducing our new large volume backpack, Alpine Rucksack, it is an essential backpack for travel, work, or school, two handle directions , and two side compartments sized to fit a water bottle. This bag can fit all your daily needs and more. We also designed a divider for your camera- you can easily put one camera, and one lense into the bag, close the pouch and then put Even More on top.

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VENQUE is based in Toronto, Canada and was launched in late 2011, with a simple idea to design a bag that is both beautiful and long-lasting. We want to bring quality goods into people’s lives in a way that they will continue to appreciate the use of them over time. We have dedicated time into researching the best materials for our products. Engineering durable, innovative fabrics. Our fabric was designed and used exclusively for VENQUE bags. A great design is nothing without great…

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