Tuesday 28 June 2016
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Tringling Website for Travelers with Cause

Tringling is Meetup for travelers.

Tringling is dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences for travelers.

Our travel and mingling “Tringling” platform offers travelers a way to connect, book and share memories that last a lifetime.

It took 2 years of planning flights and hotels and everything went perfect…until we couldn’t get a yacht tour in Turkey out to celebrate 5 years since we started dating. There wasn’t enough people to join the tour unless we had 2 other couples. We were devastated.

After soliciting tourists to join us for 3 hours, we were fortunate enough to have 4 other people on board. We figured there has to be an easier way to find like-minded travelers who share our interests and connect based on what we want to do. Other sites list thousands of people at the same location, but we couldn’t contact everyone asking if they wanted to do the boat tour. That would be looking for a needle in a haystack with the option of filtering for age and gender!


On our trips, we wanted to be grouped with people who we can laugh and share memories together.  We could have saved countless hours if we had a catered itinerary with suggestions that we can say, “Yeah, that’s what I want to do!”

Travel agencies need to have something for everyone. The result is we would find ourselves involved in one or more things that we’d rather spend our time and money elsewhere. There were group discounts for museums, tours, transportation and other activities… but if only there was a way we could have taken advantage of the savings.


Since July, we filed for a trademark and patents while making connections in Silicon Valley. Our team managed iOS development ourselves with anticipated launch date at the end of January. After launch, we are scheduled to present in front of investors.

Our focus is mobile-enabled website development so your contributions today go directly to making functional as our mobile application.

Despite existing companies that provide connecting services for travelers, Tringling is different because of our expertise in big data. Our goal is to develop an algorithm that will be able to predict exactly where you want to go, exciting things to do, and like-minded people with whom you can develop lasting friendships.


About Project Creator: 

O7lmomzawuea8jrj4hjpMindy Ngo

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Finished grad school, traveled the world, started Tringling, thanks to support of friends and family.

I am an extremely organized and meticulous person who prefers humor when approaching difficulties in life. I have a Masters in Applied Statistics and Bachelors in Economics. Hooray big data! What that means is I’m capable of designing and analyzing surveys in order to maximize bottom line and improve businesses’ decision-making. Fun fact: I’ve traveled more than 50 countries, smother my dog (but I call it mothering), and I’m an adrenaline junkie (canyoning, zip-lining, diving with sharks).


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