Wednesday 29 June 2016
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I-SEN1 Smart Sensor Board for IoT applications

Multi Sensor Board for XBee Wierless Sensor Network – Temperature, Pressure, Humidity and Light

I-SEN1 is a compact, low power consumption multi-sensors board designed to work with XBee module. It allows real-time monitoring for temperature, pressure, humidity and light data. It is provided with three power modes (micro-USB, cable or battery) to adapt your specific needs.

Provided with 4 sensor, temperature, pressure humidity and light, I-SEN 1 design has been focused on four major aspects: versatility, low power consumption, compact design and cost effectiveness.

I-SEN1 is designed to support XBee modules for real time data processing and wireless sensor network applications. XBee module allows power consumption optimisation on sleep mode (less than 50 µA), high quality network topology and high network security (128 bit AES).

Either your application requires cable, USB or battery supply, I-SEN1 is the perfect solution. The PCB circuit has been designed and optimised in order to reduce the power consumption, which is a real advantage especially when your application requires a battery supply. You may consider up to 4 years battery life for 1 transmission per minute with two battery of 3.6 V 2.5 A.

More than that, I-SEN1 combines its compact design and versatility with the high reliability and precision of the sensors which comes from company like Infineon, Microchip, Honeywell or AMS. This is translated in cost reduction which makes I-SEN1 unique for IoT hardware.

I-SEN1 Key Features:











I-SEN1 is ideal for weather monitoring applications, precisions agriculture, microclimate, industry, conservation applications and many others.

The I-SEN1 board will not be delivered with the XBee module so you must consider for your application the XBee RF modules for each board (your application may require), a XBee USB adapter and an extra XBee RF module to connect to your computer or gateway board.

The release price of I-SEN1 will start at 31€ but we offer to our earliest backers 138 (out of 150) I-SEN boards at 22€. We offer also different packs with 3/5 or 10 I-SENS at 85/148 and 235€.

Today we need your help to raise 24,6K€ on Kickstarter so we can go launch the manufacturing. It is very important for us to be founded as it will allow us to create a community around this product above all, receive feedback from the first users and improve the concept if necessary.

About Project Creator:

IZITRON is a Hardware & Software developer startup company, founded in 2015 and based at CARROS, Alpes Cotes d’Azur, France. IZITRON develops a wide range of smart, easy to deploy, cost saving Wireless Sensors Networks, Display Systems and Interface software for a range of applications and industries. It also develops costume WSN to meet client’s special requirements. IZITRON products can be easily integrated in M2M systems, IoT, Smart Cities Development.

Link to the project:

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