Tuesday 28 June 2016
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Greening Up The Landscape Industry - Support Battery Operated Lawn Mowers

Eco friendly landscape company seeks funding to purchase battery operated lawn mowers.


Greening up the Green Industry

The landscape industry is often referred to as ‘the Green Industry’. Oddly enough, the Green Industry isn’t that green. It’s not that we don’t want to be environmentally friendly. After all, most of us get into the industry because we love the outdoors.

Whether it is a result of poor business and horticultural education, misconceptions of what it means to be green or our close ties to Big Oil, the industry’s current business models prevent us from fully embracing a truly environmentally friendly approach to landscape management.

  • There are few equipment manufacturers that are focused on finding ways to be more environmentally friendly. When emissions rules change, the knee jerk reaction is to fight the rule. We do not ask ourselves if we could we be better just for the sake of being better. So today, we rely on gas guzzling mowers that pollute 11 times more than cars.
  • Research shows that customers want us to be provide sustainable landscapes - as long as it doesn’t cost more than the conventional models.

Shore Winds is going to change the industry by proving that a company can continuously reduce its environmental footprint and share the rewards with the community.

In order to do this, we are building our first prototype landscape branch model. We will lay out step by step all the required elements an eco friendly landscape business needs to build and thrive. We will share this information with anyone and everyone who wants it. No hitches.


About Project Creator:

Rachel Kelly, in the landscape industry for more than 20 years, I have traveled extensively while on the board of our national professional association (no longer a board member) and while at ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance. In these roles. I have studied the operations of hundreds of companies and branches.

While most in the industry want to be environmentally conscious, the industry is tied to tightly to gas powered machines to be considered truly green. After years of observation, I finally found a company that could manufacture batter operated lawn mowers that will hold up to the daily use by a contractor. I have the right team and finally have the right value proposition (a truly environmentally friendly landscape company) to open my own company. I live along the May River in Bluffton SC. My love of the outdoors includes horse back riding, boating, hiking. I have a very large supportive family.


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