Tuesday 28 June 2016
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AromaTherapy Jewelry for every esssential oil user

AromaTherapy Jewelry created for you to experience the aromatic benefits of essential oils whereever you are.

The funds will be used to manufacture various jewelry and accessory pieces for men, women and children. I’ll be able to create attractive packages and offer them to all essential oil enthusiast.

During Mother’s Day weekend Liz, Adriana & Nerlis made a trip to Palm Springs for a relaxing spa experience. Liz purchased lavender aromatherapy oil from the spa they visited. The lavender fragrance known for its calming & relaxing effects-physically and emotionally. Less than two weeks later Adriana started feeling anxiety because of life changes. Liz drove to her house to give her the aroma oil that she just purchased. That following weekend, the three went to buy more aromatherapy oils so they can each have their own. While spending the weekend together Liz noticed that Adriana would be digging thru her purse & searching her car looking for the lavender aromatherapy oil when she needed relief. Serina, Liz’s daughter, had made bracelets for them.

Liz and Nerlis were driving out to Beaumont when Nerlis applied the lavender aromatherapy oil on the bracelet Serina made. Liz turned to Nerlis and said, “Put some on my bracelet.” That’s when it hit! Liz turned to Nerlis and said, “Aromatherapy Bracelets, that’s what we need!” A bracelet that has the ability to put any oil that best suits your need, something that you have immediate access to. For those that have experienced anxiety, you know that every second feels like an eternity. Hours later Liz & Nerlis started making bracelets out of various different materials to ultimately have the product assembled. Liz texted Adriana “the most amazing photo”. An aromatherapy bracelet that she and Nerlis designed. “It has truly been a lifesaver & brilliant idea!”


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